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Enzyme immunoassay for the detection of IgM Antibodies to Helicobacter pylori in human serum. Helicolisa IgM test kit is intended for use evaluating the serologic status to H. pylori infection in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms.

Now you can run your own in-house quality control inspection without incurring any extra cost and at your own convenience. We have developed a new H. pylori test kit, called H. pylori plus. It comes with an, all inclusive, positive control system, which will allow the end user to run internal quality control tests without the need of external standards or studies.

Our classic H. pylori IgA and IgG test kits continue to be available. However, now, besides our standard tests, you can also get the new H. pylori plus.

The Helicobacter pylori colonize and infect the stomach mucosa. That causes gastritis type B and duodenal ulceration, sometimes gastric ulceration as well. Chronic atrophic gastritis leads sometimes to a gastric adenocarcinoma.

Helicobacter pylori are spirally shaped, Gram-negative rods with lophotrichous flagellation (see fig.). The pathogenicity factors include pronounced motility for efficient target cell searching, adhesion to the surface epithelial cells of the stomach, urease that releases ammonia from urea to facilitate survival of the cells in a highly acidic environment and a cacuolizing cytotoxin (VacA) that destroys epithelial cells.

Once the pathogen has infected the stomach tissues an acute gastritis results, the course of which may or may not involve overt symptoms. The following sequelae may include:

  • Mild chronic gastritis type B that may persist for years or even decades and is often asymptomatic.
  • Duodenal ulceration, sometimes gastric ulceration as well.
  • Chronic atrophic gastritis from which a gastric adenocarcinoma sometimes develops.
  • Rarely B cell lymphomas of the gastric mucosa (MALTomas).

Helicobacter pylori occur worldwide. Generalized contamination of the population begins in childhood and may reach 100% in adults in areas with poor hygiene. The contamination level is about 50% among older adults in industrialized countries, but not every infection leads to a manifested disease. Helicobacter pylori occur only in humans and is transmitted by the fecal-oral pathway.




Mechanism of infection

H. pylori

Duodenal ulceration

Poss. asymptomatic:
- diffuse abdominal pain, mostly in the upper abdomen
- abdominal discomfort or pain,
- incompatibility of foods
- bad breath  

Oral Transmission from one human to another

Infections may be diagnosed by:

  • Breath and urease-rapid test: Determination of the urease-activity
  • Serology: Determination of specific antibodies based on the ELISA-technique

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Produk         :    Helicolisa IgM
Metode         :    Kualitatif - Indirect micro ELISA
Sampel         :    Serum/plasma
No.Kat          :    TE-B02M
Kemasan      :    96 tes