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Catalog No. : MAE-01
System : Automated ELISA Analyzer

ACCULYZER is an automated ELISA analyzer from INDEC as a comprehensive diagnostic solutions which uniquely delivered through innovative instrumentation, premium reagents and incomparable customer service & support


Intuitive Software that works the way your Lab does
The Acculyzer software adapts to your laboratory to enable maximum productivity and deliver highly reliable results. The Test Designer and Report Designer combine with the multitude of other features to make on going operation of your Acculyzer as effortless as possible.

Intelligent Racks Reduce errors and streamline setup
Intelligent Racks sense each individual sample's positions during loading, and records the position in the Acculyzer software. The Acculyzer further streamlines setup with a sliding sample and reagent tray that provides easy access to the Intelligent Racks for the patient sample’s and the 16 reagent position’s.

Built-in Ultra-compact and fully-automated Reader
The ELISA reader uses LED’s and provides multiple benefits including 100x longer bulb life, less ambient heat, more spesific wavelengths and ultra compact size.

High Precision Micro – Syringe Aspirate 1 µl with less than 3% CV
The Acculyzer accurately and precisely aspirates 1µl volumes atless than 3% CV, allowing sample dilutions to be performed directly in the reaction wells, eliminating the need for extra pre-dilution steps.

Convection Incubator Eliminate “Edge Effect” by evenly heating each well
The forced convection incubator quickly and uniformly heats each individual reaction well, allowing the Acculyzer to deliver consistent results, eliminating uneven heating or ‘edge effect’ commonly seen with traditional chamber incubators.

Probe-Mounted Camera, Real-time process monitoring and remoted diagnostics
The probe-mounted camera allows Acculyzer operators to monitor internal operations in real-time. The camera and system logs also allow our technicians to remotely resolve most problems for maximum instrument up time.

Orbital Shaker No-Spill design, up to 900 RPM
Keep fluids in the well while vigorously shaking with the fully integrated and automated orbital shaker. Attain repeatable and accurate results through better mixing of reagents with less chance of spillage.