Critical Diagnostics

Indec Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets reagents and diagnostic products used in immunology, focussing primarily on tropical diseases including dengue, typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis and hepatitis, and clinical chemistry.

Part of the Sevana Strategic group of companies, Indec Diagnostics applies it world class R&D, production and management expertise to provide the best products and the best customer service and support … giving customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

Finding the right answers

Research and development lies at the heart of Indec Diagnostics.

Indec Diagnostics is proud of its advanced R&D capacity and has built mutually beneficial partnerships with universities and independent research centers to develop innovative products, and formed strategic alliances with the main global suppliers, collaborating in production to optimize local content and deliver real economic benefits.

Indec Diagnostics’ R&D team are recruited from top-rank universities in Indonesia, undergo continuous training, both locally and overseas, and are supported by high quality facilities.

The current focus for the company’s R&D is in-vitro diagnostics, specifically ELISA immunology products, Rapid immunology products, and clinical chemistry.

Manufacturing to the highest standards

Indec Diagnostics is now expanding its production facility for diagnostics test products at Industrial Town MM2100 in Cibitung, Bekasi, Indonesia.

Quality is the number one priority throughout the entire process, from the supply of raw materials to distribution to customers, with every stage being handled and checked by trained production and quality control staff. Indec Diagnostics hold quality management certificate for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, and GMP for Medical Device. Indec Diagnostics currently has production facility lines for ELISA immunology, Rapid immunology, and clinical chemistry, manufacturing ELISA and Rapid immunology diagnostics test products for the diagnosis of diseases caused by bacteria, the hepatitis virus, hormones, TORCH-CM and other infectious viruses.

The fast growing need for Rapid immunology diagnostic test products in Indonesia has made the development of these products the focus for the near future.

Diagnostics where they are needed

Indec Diagnostics’ customers include hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and other health institutions, both private and state-owned … all of which aim to improve the health of every level of Indonesian society.

Indec Diagnostics’ marketing team members are skilled and experienced in product management, promotion management, and product and technical support, and are situated in Indonesia’s major cities, supported by advanced IT systems.

Sales and distribution of Indec Diagnostics’ products are facilitated through partnerships with local distribution and logistics companies with wide distribution networks that can reach every part of Indonesia.

The constant goal is to deliver value propositions to customers and to help raise the quality of health services throughout the country.

Your partner in Diagnostics

In a competitive market, in which where many companies can supply advanced technology and solutions, Indec Diagnostics stays ahead by delivering international standards of R&D, production, marketing and management and by being responsive to its customers needs and serving and supporting them before, during and after their purchase.

All Indec Diagnostics products are backed by an unshakeable commitment to after sales service and support. A dedicated team of medial technologists handles all enquiries and technical and scientific issues, and work with customers to understand their needs and anticipate their demands.

Through innovation, quality assurance and professional support, Indec Diagnostics will continue to provide vital products and service to health professionals and institutions throughout the archipelago, and continue to work towards better healthcare, not just for Indonesia but also for the entire region.