Point of Care Testing Seminar and Workshop


In this seminar and workshop entitled "Point of Care Testing: Establishing Laboratory Quality and Implementation" organized by the PDS Patklin on 3-5 May 2012 in Aryaduta, PT INDEC Diagnostics participate by following the exhibition stand during the event. Participation aims to improve the company image and brand PT INDEC Diagnostics PT INDEC Diagnostics product image among clinicians, clinical pathology physicians, physician residents in teaching hospitals and laboratory analysts kilinik Jakarta area in particular and Indonesia in general.

Product focus is on promoting clinical chemistry instrument PT INDEC and the new IDC-CA-270, so that the audience can see right instrument specifications and advantages are the IDC-CA-270 on display at the exhibition stand. Besides IDC-CA-270 also displayed superior product Rapid Diagnostic Test PT INDEC is Plasmotec Virotec Malaria and Dengue-3 IgM / IgG and NS1.

Being able to deliver as many attendees to visit booth at PT INDEC Diagnostics is a challenge for officers stand, where the duty is all marketing team, supported by a team of support and R & D. To attract participants to visit the booths set up in the form of a block note gimmick Program specially designed. At the time of visiting participants in this stand can be used to introduce and explain detailing products PT INDEC Diagnostics, expected by discussion and conversation will get prospects to follow up in order to become a user / customer.

Recorded in the guest book of more than 100 participants who visited the stand PT INDEC Diagnostics, although there was a fire incident at the hotel Aryaduta on May 4, 2012 that the day did not last a full day seminar. Some participants did appear to have been familiar with the PT INDEC Diagnostics but it knows its products such as Plasmotec, Mycotec and ELISA products, this may be because the new 1.5 last year PT INDEC Diagnostics stand alone as a company, products previously distributed by PT Pacific Biotekindo, in the days to come up with a branding program of brand management is expected to name PT INDEC diagnostics will be better known in the medical community in particular diagnostic.

Reported by: Heri Dwiyanto