New FLEXUS CA-270 Available Soon 2013


Comming Soon at Januari 2013!

FLEXUS CA-270 is a fully automatic clinical chemistry analyzer, desktop model, open reagent system, with a throughput of 270 random access tests / hour and 50 reagent positions and 50 sample positions. Analyzer is right for regular inspection, emergency, and specific examination.

FLEXUS CA-270 can be used as an analyzer for the laboratory as well as the primary analyzer for small and medium sized laboratories.

FLEXUS CA-270 is a licensed clinical analyzer from Japan with a very good reputation and sold hundreds of units worldwide, has a number of special features such as pipette-pipette with high accuracy because it comes with clot detection sensors, crash detection sensors, liquid level sensors, and serum indices.

Equipped with ISE module (optional) for examination ions Na, K, and Cl, and the cuvet of Pyrex glass materials that are durable, thereby reducing maintenance costs. The operating system is displayed in an easy to understand user interface, just with one click entry into the sub-program and the main menu remains displayed so no need to back to the main menu.


Direct meansurement of absorbance in cuvette
Bichromatic or monochromatic

Type Desktop fully automated random access analyzer
Usage General chemistry as photometric assay
Assay type End point, 2 point end, Rate, 2 point rate and Electrolytes
Type of calibration Factor, Linear, point to point, Log Logit, Exponential, Spline and Spline 2
Troughput 270 test per hour (up to 404 test per hour with ISE)
Incubation time One reagent assay: 10 minutes (R1)
Two reagents assay: 5 minutes (R2)
(One reagent and two reagent assays can be set at the same time)
Sample type Serum, Plasma and Urine
Sample input system Holding structure

Detachable turntable
(Two layers structure: outer tray and inner tray)

Number of sample tube Outer tray: 40 sample tubes or cups (max)
Inner tray: 10 sample cups (max)
Sampling pipette Type Micro-pipette with liquid level detector
Rinsing Inside and outside with purified water
Sampling pump Type Micro syringe
1.5 to 35 μL (increment: 0.1 μL)
Reagent system Type Detachable turntable
(Two layers structure: outer tray and inner tray)
Capacity 50 reagent positions on tray
Outer layer: 25 bottles (20 ml bottle)
Inner layer: 25 bottles (70 ml bottle)
Inventory Calculation of remaining reagent volume available
Cooling Cooling with Peltier elements (8 to 15°C)
Reagent pipette Number of pipettors One
Type Micro pipette with liquid level sensor
Rinsing Inside and outside with purified water
Number of reagents Up to two reagents
Inventory Calculation of remaining reagent volume available
Reagent pump Type Micro syringe
R1 volume 20 to 350 μL (increment: 1 μL)
R2 volume 20 to 180 μL (increment: 1 μL)
Cuvette system Number of cuvetes 72 cuvetes on reaction line
Type Reusable with on board washing system
Material PYREX
Minimum reaction volume 100 μL
Maximum reaction volume 350 μL
Reaction system Type Direct heating by silicon - rubber heater
Temperature 37°C ± 0.1 Degrees
Detector Method
Wavelengths 340, 380, 415, 450, 510, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 750, 800 nm
Light source Halogen tungsten lamp
Stirring system Stirrer driven by stepping motor (in 5 speeds)
Dimention 870 mm (W) x 670 mm (D) x 582 mm (H)
Optional On board ISE module, high quality glass cuvettes (Pyrex)