Complications caused by TB disease


Infection tuberculosis (TB) not only affects the lungs and respiratory tract. If not treated properly, the disease will get worse and can lead to serious complications in other organs including bones and even the brain.

Some of the complications that are often found in patients with tuberculosis or TB are as follows, as quoted from the Mayo Clinic and everydayhealth.

1. Damage to bones and joints

Back pain and joint damage can occur when infectious TB germs spread from lung to bone tissue. In many cases, the ribs can also be infected and lead to pain in that section.

2. Brain damage

TB germs are spread to the brain can cause meningitis or inflammation of the lining of the brain. Inflammation triggers the swelling of the membrane that surrounds the brain and is often fatal or deadly.

3. Liver and kidney damage

The liver and kidneys help filter impurities that exist adi bloodstream. This function will fail if both organs are infected with TB germs.

4. Heart damage

Tissue around the heart can also be infected by TB germs. The result can happen cardiac tamponade, or inflammation and fluid buildup that makes the heart so it is not effective in pumping blood and may cause fatal.

5. Eye disorders

The characteristics of the eye that had been infected with TB are redness, irritation and swelling in the retina or other parts.

6. Resistance germs

Long-term treatment of patients do not often make the discipline, and some even drop out of medicine because they feel bored. Treatment of an incomplete or no discipline allow germs to become resistant or immune, so it should be replaced by other, more powerful drugs with side effects more severe course. (Sources: Detik Health)